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Squad is the new wave: more exclusive and curated than meetup, more personal than bumble friends—and way more human than social media. Connection is our product.

Origin Story

Rooted in

Squad’s mission and foundation has always been rooted in cultivating strong community. Starting out as a passion project, Squad was created to host unique intimate event experiences among young professionals. After launching in NYC, the community grew astronomically, garnering a high demand and an infectious buzz from cities around the world. With plans to expand globally, our analytics showed the average Squad member was under three pillars: the young Millennial or Gen-Z, the college-educated professional, and the seekers of a safe space to be human & share experiences beyond social media.

In 2019, in order to fuel expansion, Squad decided to build a big business concept based on these three pillars. They complemented the community experience with an innovative mobile app, expanding its reach beyond New York City. Today, we are proud to have an awesome community of entrepreneurs, doctors, lawyers, financiers, musicians, techies, creatives and other individuals who are such incredibly dope human beings.

Founder Story

When she’s not obsessing over all things Squad, you can find her preparing for one of her next classical piano recitals (you can’t tell her that Chopin isn’t her best friend lol)


Isa (pronounced EYE-suh) took an untraditional path of starting her career as a diabetes research chemist at Pfizer and became one of the youngest internationally published chemists in the world. She accidentally fell into the Wall Street path via her MBA studies at MIT.

Isa left her cozy job at JPMorgan in 2015 after experiencing a personal tragedy: the sudden death of her father in a highway accident. Ironically, this tragic accident happened on the annual bus trip that Isa’s parents organized each year as a way to give back to kids in their community. Whether it was a professional setback or personal tragedy, family and community were the two things that kept her going; it was what she was taught growing up in an intense Caribbean-American household.

Now laser focused on how she could transform this pain, she set out on a path to learn as much as she could about the world in order to create the greatest positive impact. By traveling to >40 countries and living on 3 continents within a 5-year period, she became passionate about the positive impact genuine human connections had on people’s lives - and how these connections weren’t being achieved via traditional social media. Somehow, she managed to actually build connections with real people everywhere she traveled - connections that were far beyond double tapping an influencer’s travel pics on Instagram. The ability to build genuine relationships with others is what replenished her soul, restored her super powers and fueled her fire to excel and create what is now known as Squad.

Our Team

Our team is incredibly passionate about addressing how our generation connects with one another and build relationships. We obsess over cultivating real human connection, and a strong digital product. We’re diverse, inspiring and dope; we operate a lean shop but represent half a dozen countries, and speak even more languages. Check us out below, or 关于我们

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Our founding members are a diverse group of movers and shakers who embody and represent what Squad is really about.

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