Do you have a People Experience team?

Hear from our friends at eCommerce about how to build a People Experience team

When we hear the term “HR,” most of us think of specifics like healthcare, 401k, and employment contracts. We don’t associate the HR (sometimes called “People”) organization with overall employee experience. But that’s changing – and quickly!


Traditionally, Chief People Officers have had 3 functions reporting to them: (1) Recruiting, (2) Benefits and (3) HR Business Partners. But lately we’ve seen a 4th one creep in: People Experience. One company that’s already on top of this shift is Jet/Walmart eCommerce.

According to Noah Love, head of Community and Engagement, “The mission of the People Experience team is to recognize our people for who they are, understand their core needs, and design personalized experiences that meet those needs in moments that matter along their journey – from candidates to alumni.”

Jet Hoboken HQ

Because Envested created a next gen workplace engagement and community building tool, we spend a LOT of time with Chief People Officers. One thing has become clear: companies that promote connectedness and strong relationship building in their organizations are really differentiated in the eyes of top talent. It is literally a competitive advantage. 

Noah added, “It's much more than ping pong tables and book clubs. The People Experience team plays a central role as curators of the internal culture and as champions of change.”

Today’s reality is that unemployment is low, turnover is high, and the war for talent is vicious. The next generation of top talent and leaders aren’t engaged or staying at their jobs because of salary and healthcare anymore. It is all about how connected they feel to their company and coworkers. Based on learnings from our friends at Jet/Walmart eCommerce (who we think do this exceptionally well), here are two quick things you can do today to get started:


1.     Listen carefully to employees (and the data!)

Noah recommends, For companies who are thinking about starting a people experience function, there is no cookie-cutter approach to driving value for your employees and business. The most important thing you can do is listen to your people - what do they care about, and what's not going as well as it should be? Find the lowest hanging fruits and start from there.”


2.     Start with a People Experience committee

We’ve also found that if you don’t yet have a People Experience team, there is an easy first step! Consider starting with a People Experience committee. This committee should be comprised of people who are excited about community building within the company. You know who they are – they’ve recommended a ton of things to you already! Give them a framework and a budget, put a regular meeting on the calendar (we suggest monthly), and track their success.

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