Building Community from Day One

At Envested, we know that building community can't be afterthought—for connection to be meaningful and sticky, it needs to start from day one. And recently, we've grown to add a few members. So, what did we do to get our new members feeling like part of the team?

Spread the vision

The power of a shared purpose is no joke. It creates cohesion, drives collaboration, and increases the pride that employees feel about working for their company. So when you’re bringing new people onto the the team, it’s especially important to dedicate the time to make sure that everyone feels ownership of the mission and gets behind the impact that that mission will have on the world. For us at Envested, this meant making sure that the entire team was at our offsite with investors and advisors as we discussed the road ahead for us as a company.

Celebrate perspectives

Teams at work aren’t made of clones. And as much as everyone thinks they would love to work with someone who thinks exactly like them, these differences in backgrounds, work styles and experiences can make your team more creative and innovative. One way we acknowledged all of the awesome voices in the room was by having everyone on the team share their DiSC assessment profiles, talking through each of our personalities and unique working styles as a group. Added bonus: this sparked a bunch of ideas about how we might best work as a team!

Make the intros

Let’s be real, friendships aren’t made in meetings, and when 51% of employees who have a friend at work feel engaged compared to just 10% who don’t, you really can’t leave relationship building up to chance. Instead, create opportunities for employees to hang out with each other beyond meetings—both your introverts and extroverts will thank you. We kicked off the introductions by playing guess who with fun facts about everyone on the team (pop quiz: who do you think has never had a cup of coffee?) and then got competitive together at Escape the Room.

These are clutch for new hires, but they are relevant to your existing team too. Pulling your whole team into the mission, creating room for all perspectives, and making time for meaningful connections is important at every stage—not just with your newbs!

Ready to turn these tips up a notch? Try them out using our new public Beta, Envested for Teams!

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