Introducing Squad

From the day we started Envested, our mission has been clear: to help people connect more meaningfully around the things that matter most. Like any strong product team, we’ve never been in love with the solutions we’ve built—but we’ve always been in love with the problem we’re solving 💗

In Q4 of 2017, we launched an enterprise workplace solution to help mid-market progressive companies build community, strengthen engagement and, down the road, increase retention. The product started to take off and soon we were working with big names like, Vevo, Greenhouse, SeatGeek and many others.

Building momentum

Launching an enterprise software product, continuously enhancing it, getting through Walmart’s security review process, and then deploying it over and over again is no easy feat—especially with only 5 people on the team at the time. Still, we thrived. We achieved a monthly active user rate that was 5x anything in our industry category, and we amplified the impact and reach of our product with key integrations like Slack. With one of our customers, Envested spread to 25% of the company organically within 3 days, all before the initial announcement.

So things are going just fine! Why adjust our course?

Although our mission remained in focus, our immediate goal was clarifying: to drive the most value to as many people as possible—in the shortest amount of time. And with the number of messages we were getting from people who wanted to use the product at their own workplaces, we thought that launching a self-serve tool would be the most effective way to unlock the exponential growth we had seen with our enterprise customers.

It also became clear who we were building the product for. In enterprise software, it’s common for buyers to ask for a set of features, which may or may not align with users’ needs. However, if we were going to build the strongest product for the most number of people—and make it truly social—we needed to focus on the people who would be using it. We needed to be clear on prioritizing end users.

New name, who dis? 

But why launch our self-serve solution under a different name? Just like any startup, we made a decision and then learned about it effectiveness later. One such decision was around the name Envested. As the product spread, we kept hearing that (a) when people said the name aloud, it was unclear that it started with an “E” and (b) there was a consistent assumption that we were building a financial product because of the sound of “invest” within the name. In contrast, Squad was clear, intuitive, and it placed an emphasis on the experience that we wanted users to have: finding their people, finding their squad.

So, what is a “squad”? A squad is a group of people who share a set of interests, who just get each other, who bond over a core piece of who they are. On the platform, you can create squads—like a yoga squad or a dog lover's squad—or you can join squads that already exist in your community. Through these squads and your broader community, you can discover, create, and sign up for events. Need some inspiration? Our integration with Eventbrite curates local events for your interests. And if you use Slack, our strong integration allows you to stay up to date and explore opportunities across your different communities without leaving your window. In short, Squad helps you find your people at work, not just the people who you happen to work with.

So, what are you waiting for? 😃

We’re so excited to have you on this journey with us! And we have just one ask: whether you’re a self-proclaimed introvert or the most outgoing person you know, if you want to find fun and meaningful human connection, sign up for Squad and invite 5 coworkers. We’d also love to hear any feedback through our in-app chat!

Can’t wait to hear from you and see what amazing things you do with Squad—tag us! #withyoursquad

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