Senior Full Stack Engineer

Hybrid (Partial Onsite/Remote)

Senior Full Stack Engineer

Squad is looking for a Senior Full Stack Engineer to help us build a new kind of social world online. We're in the business of building habits and building friendships—your 12 closest, to be exact—instead of performing for randos on social media. We’re a startup proudly based in Brooklyn, NY, but this position is open to anyone in the United States.

Our app is live on iOS, built on React Native and Firebase, and we're actively migrating to the next generation of our tech stack: React Native still hosts our UI layer, with an increasing investment in first-party native libraries, backed by NodeJS to provide all the live updates you expect from an audio-centric, toyetic, delightful application. Backed by notable Silicon Valley VCs and featured in several press outlets, we’re really excited about the support we have to expand our impact around the world!

What you’ll do

  • Report directly to the CTO. We’re still a really small company, so all Software Engineers report directly to our CTO, Schoon, who provides regular one-on-one feedback.
  • Build features for our mobile application and services to support it. Our application is live-updating and media-heavy, so expect interesting challenges and lots of pairing with the rest of the team as we tackle those challenges together.
  • Invest in the team. We put real value in mentorship, and we acknowledge that everyone on our team has something to teach and something to learn. Everyone is involved in building the culture we want at Squad, from how we interview to how we grow to how we ship.
  • Contribute to open source libraries and tools. We draw a lot of value from libraries contributed by others, and we contribute back where we can.

How we work

We’re a remote-first company with flexible hours, which means:

  • We rely heavily on written communication. During our core hours there’s a lot of live chatter (and laughter) on Slack, trickling into documentation and asynchronous updates the rest of the time.
  • We care about both the “why” and the “how”. We’re curious people trying to build something new and novel in the world, so there’s a lot of time spent discussing code, process, and design on Zoom.
  • All changes go through GitHub. Everything from infrastructure changes to mobile app deployments are driven through Pull Requests and peer review.

What we’re looking for

  • Production experience with JavaScript or TypeScript.
  • Proficiency with React or React Native (e.g. hooks, functional vs. class components).
  • Proficiency optimizing services to be faster, more scalable, and fault-tolerant.
  • Experience working closely with product or design teams.
  • Familiarity with core NodeJS APIs (e.g. streams) and Express.
  • Familiarity with refactoring and measuring React applications.
  • Comfort with build tools like Babel, Metro, or even Make.
  • Carpenters, not plumbers: while tools and developer experience are important, the code you write will directly impact our users' social lives; their livelihood is our priority.

Bonus points

  • Experience working on a mobile application live in the App Store or Play Store.
  • Production experience with other programming languages and frameworks.
  • Experience with Test-Driven Development and pair programming.
  • Experience with build automation tools like Fastlane.
  • Experience with Firebase offerings, particularly Firestore, Realtime Database, and Functions.
  • Experience writing advanced SQL queries.
  • Experience writing advanced CSS.
  • Experience with Redis, Kafka, Docker, Terraform, or Kubernetes.
  • Contributions to an active open source project.
  • Experience bridging iOS or Android native layers or developing Custom Native Components for React Native.

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