User Growth Strategy & Execution - Summer Intern

Onsite / Office

Who a brand targets is critical to ensuring the product has exceptional potential, and can break through the noise of the internet. Did you know that Snap has a much more prominent presence in the middle of the country than on the coasts? That’s because those cultures tend to value the 1:1 relationships more than the flexing culture of the big cities. Did you know that almost 50% of customers of certain Black-owned hair care brands are actually White? Surprisingly, many White women find that the moisture-oriented Black hair care products work better for their hair.The scholar in this role will learn how to build and execute on marketing and growth experiments. They will build on their excellent written, and oral communications skills, as well as their sharp analytical skills.The perfect scholar for this role will have the following qualities:

  • Strong interest in marketing, analytics and growth hacking
  • Ability to try, fail—then get up and try again
  • Strong social and communication skills
  • Solid attention to detail
  • Ability to work well under pressure, and with a diverse team
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